We want to offer our guests a carefree time in a unique place in the world. For this reason we developed an extensive service package for you.


Services inclusive



Between 7 and 10 in the morning you can choose from American breakfast, local breakfast or a rich buffet. All ingredientes are fresh and natural. If you have a special wish for your start into the day, please do not hesitate to tell us.


Towels and blankets

In all rooms we provide you with towels and blankets.



As a matter of course you can use the free WiFi of the Ecolodge. You will receive the key at the reception. 


Transportation to the Ecolodge

Due to the unique location there is no affixed way to the Ecologe Huaca de Piedra.

For this reason it could become arduous to get to your acommodation.

To guarantee your secure and comfortable arrival to the Ecolodge, we offer a transportation service apart from public transport. Please inform us where and when you need to be picked up. Our driver will wait for you.


Information material

At the reception you will receive a lot of information about the Ecolodge, Centro ECO, the artesanías, the forest of Bosque de Pómac, the Sicán culture and more.




Services liable to pay



We offer you various interesting excursions. You will be acompanied by experienced and reliable guides. All excursions include arrival and departure, guide, equipment and lunch.


Tour Pómac

During the Tour Pómac you will get to know the Bosque de Pómac either by horse or by bike or by foot. Lern something about the nature and the animals of the forest and enjoy the atmosphere.



Spend a day in the Bosque de Pómac to work on the fields planting carobs. With your help you can support the locals to rehabilitate the population of this plant.



Explore the ancient culture of the Sicán while visiting popular Huacas (tombs) of the region. You can gaze at the extraordinary architecture of this culture as well as at old graves and other relicts of the aboriginal people.



Visit the village Túcume close to the Ecolodge and meet its residents.


Bees and beekeeping

The bee is one of the most important animals in the region around the Ecolodge. Its honey supports the economical development in the industry of beekeeping. Visit the apiculturists to learn something about the life of the Peruvian bees and their honey production. And maybe you will get the chance to produce your own honey.



All artesanías that are presented in the Ecolodge are produced in the communities around the Ecolodge.

Visit the local producers and look at the production process of the products.



With good grace you can use the Ecolodge-laundry. The price depends on the weight of your laundry.

We will endeavour to clean everything as fast as possible.



Of course you can use the telephone of the Ecolodge to call your family or other people in the inland or abroad. The price depends on the duration and target country of you call.


Function room

Rent the saloon of the Ecolodge for private events, meetings or education and training.