Ecolodge Huaca de Piedra

The Ecolodge Huaca de Piedra is an intimate and exclusive accommodation in the middle of the impressive environment of the Santuario Histórico Bosque de Pómac (SHBP) (english:  Historical Sanctuary of Pómac Forest). You can find the Lodge in the district of Illimo, a province of the town Lambayeque. It is located at close range to the antique Panamericana in a northward direction.

Because of this inimitable location the Huaca de Piedra offers visitors the possibility to escape the fuss of the Peruvian towns into the incredible nature of the region without conveying a feeling of absolute isolation. Visitors have the chance to search for indigene animals like the Corta Rama (endemic bird), various further bird species, saurian and snakes. Furthermore, the Bosque de Pómac offers with its unique landscape and character endless possibilities of hiking and the chance of absolute relaxation while you are biking or riding.

Also the Lodge by itself provides visitors peace and relaxation. It was built in the original architectural style of the region. The used materials are exclusively natural and native and the interior and decoration is composed of handmade products of the region – so called Artesanías. Because of the use of calm and earthy colors, straight forms, natural materials and an exquisite service there emerged an accommodation that creates its own peace and comfortable welcoming atmosphere.

To be able to take a piece of this fantastic experience back home, visitors can buy all Artesanías used and presented in the Lodge.



The Huaca de Piedra was built in collaboration of the Peruvian tourism company Centro Eco with head office in Chiclayo and the local village community. The project was financed by the Fondo de las Américas Perú (FONDAM), the local population and Centro Eco.

FONDAM campaigns for the conservation and the sustainable use of natural and biological resources, especially of the tropical forests. In parallel it supports the social and economic development of communities living in these living environments and attaches importance to the development of children and teenager. You can read more about the fond on its webpage

The concept of the Huaca de Piedra is exactly based on the idea of the Fondo de las Américas Perú. It was established with the goal to protect the unique environment of the Bosque de Pómac and to support the domiciled population in its social and environmental development.

Due to activities of ecotourism we are able to prevent the exploitation of the natural resources of the Bosque de Pómac. With help of well-educated ecotourists who are aware of the immense importance of conservation we are able to introduce a sustainable utilization of these resources.

Because of the increasing globalization the touristic and respectively the economic interest of the region around the Bosque de Pómac grew massively during the last years. The goal of Centro Eco and the local and regional governments is to satisfy this demand directed and sustainable.

We want to make the forest and its environment accessible to interested visitors and we want to support the interest in our culture and this region. Simultaneously, we want to boost the social and economic development of the region.