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Why Huaca de Piedra?

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Why Huaca de Piedra?
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Why Huaca de Piedra?

Ecolodge Huaca de Piedra is a charming place, perfect to relax and rest in the shade of the carob trees of the Equatorial Dry Forest of Northern Peru.


A day exploring the amazing Pómac Forest Historical Sanctuary or the Túcume Pyramids generates in you and your family a change of perception of our ancestral culture.

At Ecolodge Huaca de Piedra we offer a swimming pool built with you in mind for your relaxation, in a way that will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated.

Are you traveling with children?

If you are traveling with children, please contact us. Eolodge Huaca de Piedra is the ideal place to enjoy family time and disconnect from the routine.

Unforgettable views

The beautiful views of nature that are witnessed in the Lodge are amazing, since you can not only see but also listen to the magnificent songs of the birds in the area, being the perfect place to relax during your stay, you just have to relax in a hammock and you can marvel at the variety of fruit trees and birds that populate the region.

Nature + Sunrise/Sunset + Birdsong = Magical experience

Get to know the surroundings

The area around the Pómac Forest offers varied and wonderful excursions. To help you discover the natural beauty of the area, we would be happy to organize a guided tour. All our local guides have extensive knowledge of the place and will help you get the most out of your trip.

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